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Mendocino Spirits Bourbon

$65.00 USD

Our signature Bourbon is double distilled in an antique pot still from Cognac. Aged 3 years in new charred bourbon barrels, the mash consists of malted Corn, malted rye & malted Barley. It is balanced, smooth and lovely to sip.

Our Lady of Bourbon is the Spirit of California; the Mountain Mama, the mother who supports us. She is the old world and the new frontier. Her notes and subtleties are gently coaxed out and presented to the palate as a rare and clean whiskey meant to savor

NOSE - Butterscotch, marzipan, candied pecans, dried apple

PALATE - Sweet cream butter, cocoa, rose, cloves and dark rum

FINISH - Soft & smooth with hints of vanilla, toffee and toasted grains

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